Gulets For Sale

a Caicco or Gulet means enjoying a holiday in direct contact with the mother nature, with all the comfortable amenities of your private floating hotel. The Turkish gulets for sale are very spacious than standard boats and equipped with all the conveniences, almost all cabins can be accomodating a couple in double beds. Buying a gulet is recommendable for anyone who enjoyes sailing and motoring , for couples, singles, families, even with children, thanks to its large deck spaces.

We would like to briefly explain that we are very selective in our gulets in the gulets for sale section of our page. our customers who visit our gulets for sale will inform us of their intentions together with the reference number for the gulet for sale they want to buy and they will ask for detailed information about the boat and determine the date to see the gulet and the gulets for sale will go to the port where she is located and if the buyer likes the boat, he performs gulet expertise and the sales transaction is continued as a result of the report received.

Gulets for Sale

If you inform us about the gulet reference number on our page to buy a gulets for sale gulet for sale, we can arrange your own yacht contact and get directly to the gulet owner. If you are interested in your business, we would like to inform you that the customer who is interested in gulet is interested in gulet. We will negotiate with the yacht buyer and seller to buy and sell the gulet and negotiate and negotiate the yacht. If the flag is foreign, the company and the yacht will be delivered together with the new yacht owner of the company where the boat is registered. gulets for sale..